I was struck by this story.
The woman: Nica De Koenigswater. The Baroness Pannonica de Koenigswarter, or 'Nica' as she was a-ectionately called, was considered as one of the most important patrons and friends of modern jazz musicians. Nica was a rebel with an enourmous charme. Quickly she is a patron to jazz musicians, helping them in all she can. One meeting point to change all her life. In 1948, Nica visit a friend, the pianist Teddy Wilson, who played her a recording of "Round Midnight"by a then unknown jazz pianist,Thelonious Monk. She was like obsessed, listened it 20 times and was so fascinating from him. So in this moment she decides. She lost her plane, relinquishing husband and five children. She loves and dedicate her life to Thelonious Monk for 28 years, after that day. All her family abandon her and doesn't speak about for many years until Hannah Rothschild could investigate on her aunt and wrote about her.


Photography by Sharon Lomanno @ assisted by Jordi Arque
Art Director: Meteora Fontana
Stylist: Juanma By el Cuco
Make-up Artist: Miriam Tio

Models: Iride Fontana @ Mammager & Saintbeau Sambou @ Trend

Location: Museo Europeo De Arte Moderna

With special thanks to Cecile Benainous, for the dress in photos 3 & 6

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Published in Fashionising 2012- Yesterday’s most popular picture